Pablo Perez - Naturalist

Pablo Perez


Pablo is an enthusiastic adventurer with special interests in birds and mammals. He is passionate about both the wildlife and human heritage of the Basque Region.

Pablo hails from the Basque Country and likes to share his knowledge and passion for nature with others. He has studied Environmental Sciences and has broad experience working as a guide in many different places around the world. For example, his first contract with Adventure Canada partner Eagle-Eye Tours was when he was guiding hiking tours in the Canadian Rockies.

Pablo understands nature as happening in communion with humans, and feels that it’s important to introduce guests to this broader picture of a whole region, providing a true comprehensive overview of both the natural and cultural components of the places that we will visit. In fact, he feels that Ecotourism is an opportunity for conservation of tradition, identity, and nature.

Pablo believes that the Basque Country offers a rich opportunity for this type of Ecotourism, with its appealing landscape and interesting bird species to watch, all decorated with a vast legacy of cultural heritage, and one of the most famous cuisines in the world. He is very proud to be a guide in this tour of his homeland’s nature and culture, and is excited to take you to his favourite spots in the Basque.