Olivia Clancy - Email Marketer and Copywriter

Olivia Clancy

Email Marketer and Copywriter

Olivia is an animal lover, passionate traveller, and is always looking for new ways to learn and grow. She is happiest out in nature.

Born and raised in Burlington, Ontario, Olivia currently resides in North Bay, Ontario where she enjoys the beautiful scenery and nature of northern Ontario. Her passions include exploring the outdoors with her Jack Russell terrier, fitness, and travelling to new destinations.

Since a young age, Olivia has had a love for animals and nature. Her ever-growing excitement for travel has her adding to her list of destinations to explore in the future – including Italy, Greece, Thailand, and Adventure Canada’s own High Arctic Explorer expedition!

Olivia studied Communications at Wilfrid Laurier University. Her love and admiration for travel and the outdoors drew her to Adventure Canada. Since joining the team she has enjoyed hearing the passion for exploration and conservation in each and every one of her co-worker’s voices.

On a typical weekend, you can find Olivia hiking a new trail, visiting a local business, or lounging in her backyard.