Olivia Clancy - Email Marketer and Copywriter

Olivia Clancy

Email Marketer and Copywriter

Olivia is a passionate marketer and avid adventurer who is always seeking out new experiences to broaden her horizons.

Born and raised in Burlington, Ontario, Olivia's passion for animals and the environment has been a constant throughout her life. Now living in North Bay, Ontario, Olivia is surrounded by breathtaking scenery and the beauty of nature, which she loves to explore with her faithful Jack Russell Terrier.

Her thirst for exploration has taken her to many incredible destinations, with Italy, Greece, Africa, Thailand, and Adventure Canada's own Newfoundland Circumnavigation expedition still on her list.

Olivia Kangerlussuaq glacier

Olivia enjoying a Zodiac cruise in Kangerlussuaq Fjord (Søndre Strømfjord) on the Heart of the Arctic expedition in 2022 with Adventure Canada.

A communications graduate from Wilfrid Laurier University, Olivia's love for travel and the environment drew her to Adventure Canada, where she's immersed in the world of exploration and conservation.

Her travels to Nunavik, the Canadian Arctic, and Greenland have allowed her to deepen her understanding of Inuit culture and the history of these regions, thanks to Adventure Canada's integration of on-board learning and exceptional team of experts and local guides. With her adventurous spirit and insatiable curiosity, Olivia is always seeking new ways to learn and grow.

When she's not crafting compelling copy, you can find Olivia hiking a new trail, supporting local businesses, or relaxing in her backyard.