Nauja Bianco - Arctic Policy Expert, Cultural Educator

Nauja Bianco

Arctic Policy Expert, Cultural Educator

Nauja is an Inuk-Danish woman born and raised in the capital of Nuuk in Greenland and now lives in Copenhagen, Denmark. She has a long-standing career within government affairs and diplomacy in the Greenlandic Government, the Danish government, and the Nordic intergovernmental affairs.

Nauja (pronounced Naya) is a Kalaaleq (Greenlander) who grew up in Kalaallit Nunaat (Greenland) and studied in Denmark and France. Nauja holds a master’s in political science and did her thesis on political culture in Greenland. After her studies in Denmark, France, and Belgium, she started her career in the Greenlandic Government working with education and internationalization of education in Greenland. This led to a position as a diplomat at the Greenlandic Representation to the EU in Brussels, Belgium, followed by a position in the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Nordic Council of Ministers as an Arctic Advisor.

Nauja has followed the international work of the Arctic for the past twenty years and has—among others—worked with the Arctic Council and participated in numerous conferences about the Arctic. This includes working with themes such as Indigenous peoples (of the Arctic), climate change, nature and environment, business development and economic interests, as well as governance in general.

Nauja has also worked extensively communicating about the Arctic in writing about developments of Greenland and the Arctic. She is a widely used commentator for Greenlandic and Danish media and does presentations and lectures as well as moderates different talks and events.

Between 2020 and 2023 Nauja was the CEO of the Greenlandic House and the North Atlantic House in Odense, Denmark, which is why she also knows about arts and culture from the North Atlantic (Greenland, Faroe Islands, and Iceland) and keeps involved in the world of arts and culture. Nauja is now an independent consultant.