Nathan Bowler - Business Development Account Manager

Nathan Bowler

Business Development Account Manager

Nathan is an adventurer at heart and there is no food he wouldn’t try. He is a wealth of information for geography and travel tips, having twelve years of experience as a travel advisor.

Nathan is a geography nerd, adventurer, and former travel advisor. Born and raised in Ottawa, on the unceded territory of the Anishinaabe Algonquin nation, he now works as the Business Development Account Manager for Ontario and Atlantic Canada. This involves maintaining and developing new relationships with external partners to showcase how amazing Adventure Canada’s itineraries can be for their clients.

Nathan’s experience as a travel advisor helped him develop a varied client portfolio of professors, ambassadors, corporate clients, adventurers, and small non-profit companies helping them with everything from complex flight logistics to getting on board trips like Adventure Canada’s. He has now switched gears and helps to support other travel advisors in his role as Business Development Account Manage

He loves learning about the history behind places and why people live where they live, believing that every place or city has a unique story. He has skydived over the Alps, rode a camel in the Moroccan Sahara, climbed Kilimanjaro, jumped into the ocean in both polar regions (Arctic and Antarctica), and hopes to add many more adventures to his bucket list.

Fun fact: He knows the capital of every country in the world (plus other geography facts).