Michelle Valberg - Photographer

Michelle Valberg


Michelle is a Canadian photographer best known for her wildlife and Arctic work. She is a visual storyteller with a passion for nature and giving back.

Michelle is a renowned portrait, landscape, and wildlife photographer who has been telling stories with her camera for more than thirty years. She has traveled to all continents; however, she is particularly celebrated for her passion for Canada’s Arctic.

Walruses Michelle Valberg

Michelle has been a photographer with Adventure Canada for ten years. She is a Canadian Nikon Ambassador and Canadian GeographicPhotographer-in-Residence. Michelle has exhibited her works internationally including a three-month solo exhibition at the Canadian Museum of Nature. She is a regular contributor to PhotoNewsmagazine and has been featured in numerous books and magazines including National Geographic, PhotoNews, Outdoor Photographer, Dreamscapes, and Canadian Geographic.

Uummunnaq M Valberg

In celebration of Canada’s sesquicentennial, her iconic image of Nunavut drum dancer Matthew Nuqingaq—taken on an Adventure Canada expedition—appears on a Royal Canadian Mint coin. Her photos are featured in a booklet of Canada Post stamps.


Michelle’s work extends beyond photography. In 2009, she founded Project North, a not-for-profit organization committed to delivering education and sport-based opportunities to youth in Canada’s Arctic. Since its inception, $1,000,000 in new sports equipment has been delivered to more than twenty-six Inuit communities.

Project North M Valberg

Michelle has also published five books: Look Beyond…The Faces & Stories of People Living with HIV/AIDS, Dare to Dream… A Celebration of Canadian Women, Arctic Kaleidoscope…The People, Wildlife and Ever-Changing Landscape and her children’s book, Ben & Nuki Discover Polar Bears. Most recently, she produced a book with Canadian Geographiccalled Colouring Canada. She has won many awards and is an international fellow with the Explorer's Club in New York and a fellow with the Royal Canadian Geographic Society.

Michelle looks forward to traveling with Adventure Canada every year whether it is to Europe, Iceland, the Arctic, or Newfoundland.