Matthew James Swan - Managing Director

Matthew James Swan

Managing Director

Matthew James is an adventurer and explorer by nature and by trade. He works tirelessly to ensure passengers have the best possible expedition experience.

Matthew James is inspired by his loving family and friends to journey into the unknown parts of the world. Born and raised in southern Ontario, MJ was immediately introduced to an adventurous lifestyle by a family of avid explorers.

He loves the outdoors and has been infatuated with all things wild from a young age. He first travelled to the Arctic at the age of two—an experience that ignited his love for the North.

As the Director of Business Development, MJ focuses on creating long-lasting partnerships with likeminded organizations. His years of experience working aboard expeditions have ideally equipped him to anticipate and understand the individual needs of clients and partners alike. MJ prides himself on crafting custom experiences that surpass expectations and meet objectives on both sides of the table.

MJ travels widely to understand diverse cultures, connect with people, and nurture his love for the natural world. With over sixty expeditions all over the world—and seventeen years of field experience—under his belt, MJ is highly experienced in all aspects of expedition cruising.

Safety and guest experience are his two primary concerns, and he brings his passion for all things wild to bear on trips. His favourite places to travel are the polar regions, and has led dozens of trips to the Arctic and Antarctic.

Whether in the role of Expedition Leader, host, or Zodiac driver, MJ is dedicated to sharing experiences and leading the charge.