Marissa Fletcher - Expedition Team

Marissa Fletcher

Expedition Team

Marissa is a family-oriented adventurer with a love for music, animals, and a desire to see the wonders the world has to offer.

Marissa is a resident of Brampton, Ontario where she lives with her partner and crazy cat Miko. While attending college for social service work, Marissa began to explore her persistent interest in travel and decided to follow her dreams of seeing more of what the world has to offer. Throughout her research on the travel industry, she knew that expedition travel was the next step for her to pursue.

Marissa loves to attend music festivals in different countries for the variation of cuisines, enjoyment of entertainment, and the opportunity for her to meet various like-minded individuals. Festivals have helped her to develop interpersonal communication skills and create connections all over!

In her free time, Marissa enjoys a good book with headphones on, having a glass of wine with friends, and going to all-you-can-eat sushi (sometimes in that exact order!). She also enjoys volunteering at the animal shelter with her friends in the veterinary field.