Lynn Moorman - Geographer, Earth Scientist

Lynn Moorman

Geographer, Earth Scientist

Lynn shares her passion for learning about landscapes as an avid geographer, Earth Sciences professor, and a Governor of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society.

In the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta, Lynn teaches digital mapping and geomorphology (landforms and processes) particularly of glaciated terrain. Her research focusses on geographical technologies (Digital Earth, GIS) and how people can learn, and use, these technologies most effectively to better understand the environment. Her current work includes supporting Inuit communities in connecting local knowledge to satellite imagery and providing technology support and training to sea-ice mapping initiatives.

Lynn Moorman With Passengers

Lynn is an enthusiastic, award-winning educator who enjoys connecting people to the land and environment. Her participatory approach welcomes everyone to learn about and share their experiences of the exceptionally beautiful landscapes we are fortunate to travel through. When not on board or in the classroom, Lynn can often be found travelling the world in pursuit of more geographic knowledge or trying to catch up to her three sons!