Lena Onalik - Archaeologist, Inuit Cultural Educator

Lena Onalik

Archaeologist, Inuit Cultural Educator

Lena is committed to preserving, protecting, and promoting Inuit culture. She is an archaeologist, cultural advocate, crafts person, and proud Inuk.

Lena grew up in Makkovik, Nunatsiavut. She spent the summers of her childhood at her grandparent’s fishing grounds in Island Harbour, Labrador where she helped her parents process salmon and Arctic char to sell to the fish plant in Makkovik.

Spending time with her family in the outdoors grew Lena's love and appreciation for nature. Lena learned to sew and clean sealskins from her grandma who also taught her how to throat sing. Through Lena's love and appreciation of the outdoors, in high school, she joined an archaeological apprentice program run by the Quebec Labrador Foundation and the Smithsonian Institute's Arctic Studies Centre. Lena graduated with a major in archaeology/anthropology and a minor in aboriginal studies from Memorial University.

Lena currently works as the Nunatsiavut Government Archaeologist for the Department of Language Culture and Tourism in Nain. Lena enjoys sharing her love of her culture through stories and experiences on the land, especially fishing.