Lauren Clewes - Group Coordinator

Lauren Clewes

Group Coordinator

Lauren is a self-proclaimed bookworm, artist, and amateur travel photographer. Her love of travel has taken her to three continents and counting, and she has fallen in love with the polar regions.

Hailing from Oakville, Ontario, Lauren has always sought to travel the world. Her insatiable wanderlust was sparked after a high school trip to Kenya, and she hasn’t looked back! This interest led her to pursue a bachelor’s degree in international studies from York University’s bilingual Glendon College. As part of her program, Lauren was involved in planning and hosting an academic symposium on Latvia and participated in a year-long exchange program to England, where she spent many weekends exploring western Europe.

Adventure Canada’s values and guiding principles are what drew Lauren to the company after graduating, and her colleagues’ optimism and passion have made every moment wonderful. She is particularly inspired by and interested in supporting the company’s regenerative travel plan.

As a curious and creative individual, Lauren can usually be found reading at least three books at a time, working on her latest knitting project, or trying out an entirely new artistic pursuit. Her love of travel photography began at an early age, first with disposable cameras and then a small digital camera, which became staples on childhood family trips. At age thirteen, she upgraded to a DSLR, which is now the first item to be packed prior to any adventure.