Laurel Huget - First Food NL, Taste of Place Ambassador

Laurel Huget

First Food NL, Taste of Place Ambassador

Laurel’s background in working with people experiencing homelessness led her to a master’s in political science and a career in food security advocacy. She is passionate about food as a medium for storytelling and connection to culture, justice, nature, and one another.

Originally from near Vancouver, British Columbia, Laurel visited the east coast of Canada for school, but then never left after accidentally falling in love with Newfoundland. Laurel works with Food First NL to advance the right to food for all folks across the province. She is especially passionate about how food intersects with social, economic, and environmental justice.

Being a mainlander, Laurel has loved learning about the culture and history of food in Newfoundland and Labrador—especially country foods! When not wandering about looking for wild berries, Laurel is happiest tending to her gardens at home—her favourite thing to grow is zucchini.

Beyond all things food, Laurel is a housing rights advocate, board member for the Social Justice Co-op NL, a bookworm, a Bob Ross wannabe, and a tormentor of her two tiny panthers, Lupin and Potato.