Kristine Hanifen - Researcher-in-Residence

Kristine Hanifen


Kristine is an avid birder and conservationist from Nova Scotia, with a passion for the protection of wild landscapes and native species.

Hailing from the rural community of Erinville, Nova Scotia, Kristine has long held a connection with the natural world. This developed into a passion that directed her post-secondary academic journey. She pursued diplomas in natural resources environmental technology and wildlife conservation technology, from Nova Scotia Community College and Holland College, respectively. She then earned a Bachelor of Science in Environment and Natural Resources, majoring in wildlife conservation, from University of New Brunswick. Kristine was first introduced to birding while attending Holland College, and she hasn’t quit since.

Kristine currently lives in Wolfville, Nova Scotia where she is completing a Master of Science in Biology at Acadia University under the supervision of Dr. Mark Mallory and Dr. Jennifer Provencher, researching plastic ingestion and dietary trends in Canadian Arctic-breeding northern fulmars.

Aside from birding, Kristine also enjoys wildlife photography, fly fishing, tending to her many houseplants, and playing the fiddle.