Klarisse Estepa - Expedition Medic

Klarisse Estepa

Expedition Medic

Klarisse is a nurse in northern British Columbia who loves embarking on new adventures.

Klarisse is moved by human connections and finding our little commonalities despite our different life experiences. A young, bright woman driven by empathy, patience, and a fascination with physiology, she was destined for a life in medical care and nursing. She honed her knowledge and skills in emergency departments around Toronto, culminating in years of nursing at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Recently, a search for new challenges uprooted her from the GTA and transported her to a remote nursing outpost in northern British Columbia where she has been running a small clinic in the community of Takla Landing. She has cherished the community connection here and is now specializing in remote practice.

Klarisse is always open to new experiences and ambitiously trying new things. In her free time, you can often find Klarisse rock climbing, hiking with her dog Happy, portage-paddleboarding, camping, and scheming for her next trip.

Recently, she paddled a three-hundred-kilometre section of Yukon River under the midnight sun, memorizing the Cremation of Sam McGee while traversing the fabled lake Laberge with her steadfast companion Happy always at her side.