Kaylee Baxter - Archaeologist

Kaylee Baxter


Kaylee is an Arctic archaeologist specializing in the Paleo-Inuit and Norse histories of the eastern Canadian Arctic and Greenland.

Kaylee completed her bachelor’s degree in Archaeology and Anthropology at the University of Toronto before completing her Master of Arctic Archaeology at the University of Calgary. During her three archaeology field seasons in South Greenland, Kaylee fell in love with the Arctic and its deep cultural history.

Kaylee's main research interests are the Dorset and Thule Paleo-Inuit cultures of the eastern Canadian Arctic and Greenland, as well as the history of the Norse settlements in Greenland. She also researches the impact of climate change on archaeological sites and the different ways we can mitigate the destruction of important cultural landscapes in the Arctic. In South Greenland, Kaylee has excavated at numerous Norse sites, surveyed for Thule and historic Inuit archaeological features, and assisted in coring sediments from various lake bottoms in a palaeobotany project that sought to better understand the palaeo-environment of the Norse Greenlanders.

When not doing archaeology in Greenland, Kaylee works as an archaeologist in British Columbia. In between her fieldwork in the Arctic and British Columbia, Kaylee spends her free time alpine skiing, hiking, and enjoying all the adventures the Rocky Mountains have to offer.