Judy Robertson - Expedition Team

Judy Robertson

Expedition Team

Judy is adventurous, passionate, multilingual, an educator, and a world traveller. She always finds a reason to do something rather than a reason to not!

As a professional educator and a lifelong sailor, Judy has blended two of her passions by working hard to improve safety at sea.

As the senior keelboat instructor evaluator in Atlantic Canada, she is responsible for training all new keelboat instructors in the region as well as mentoring other instructor evaluators. Years ago, Judy developed a program called Wet Feet that trains kids starting at age five and now it is a popular program that is widely taught across the country.

Besides teaching navigation and marine radio courses, Judy is one of about fifteen instructors in Canada who offer offshore personal survival courses. They are required for participants who enter ocean races and are sanctioned by both World Sailing and Sail Canada. The practical part of the course is taught in a theatre pool where storm simulation is created, and life rafts are deployed.

Both of Judy's daughters are just as passionate about the ocean and her eldest, Steph is also a part of Adventure Canada’s expedition team.