John Blyth - Expedition Leader, Expedition Team

John Blyth

Expedition Leader, Expedition Team

John finds a connection to water and wild spaces. He splits his time between travelling the north as a consultant and a devotion to paddlesports.

Growing up in national parks across the Northwest Territories started John off from an early age with a love of the land and the people. Taking this passion, he went into the study of archaeology and anthropology and has been living and working in the Northwest Territories as a multidisciplinary consultant in the fields of environmental science, stewardship and guardian programs, education, and wilderness safety for over a decade.

John paddle forthsmith

John on a late night paddle near his home in Fort Smith, Northwest Territories

John has always been one to shy away from holidays to sunny beaches and as a result has ended up travelling or living in many places across the circumpolar world including Svalbard, northern Scandinavia, Greenland, many communities in the Canadian Arctic, and even Yakutia in the far east of the Russian Arctic.

Oil-pastel Sirmilik Glacier Nunavut

Oil pastel, Sirmilik Glacier, Nunavut

When he’s not travelling for work, John splits his time between his life as a new father, kayaking the big waters of the Slave River, and working on his art at home in Fort Smith, Northwest Territories.

John blyth paddling

John paddling the big water