Joelle Sunshine - Musician, Textile Artist

Joelle Sunshine

Musician, Textile Artist

Joelle is passionate about art, heritage, and culture.

Joelle is a singer-songwriter from North Twillingate Island, Newfoundland and Labrador. She plays guitar and ukulele and sings about her life. Her songwriting is inspired by traditional folk music, nature, experiences, and growing up in a rural fishing village.

Joelle is a self-taught musician and learned to play music with her friends sitting on the beach around a campfire. Singer-songwriter circles are where she shines best, and she is always up to collaborate and work on new music with friends. Music is her happy place!

In addition to music, as a textile artist, Joelle is passionate about using natural materials to create exquisite works of art. She started Nature’s Threads NL in 2013 after graduating from the Anna Templeton Centre Textiles Art and Design. She was later accepted into the Quidi Vidi Village Artisan Studios and opened her own storefront. She is currently exploring the use of natural fibres to create nautical-themed products with traditional knotting and weaving techniques.