Jane Sproull Thomson - Ethnographer

Jane Sproull Thomson


Bluenose Jane is a former museum curator and university lecturer specializing in the art and culture of northern regions, from the prehistoric to contemporary.

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Raised in Nova Scotia, Jane escaped to run away to sea in 1990 after spending over a decade locked up in museums–though she did get out occasionally to dig and to lecture at the university.

Since then she has talked her way around the world, exploring the cultures of North and Central America, Europe, and the Far East. She also talked herself into appointment as Research Associate and Life Member with the Arctic Institute of North America and as a Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society. She and her partner Callum now operate a consulting business in environmental conservation and interpretation.

Jane in conversation with adventure canadas guests

Jane in conversation with Adventure Canada's guests.

Nova Scotians are often called Bluenoses because they spend so much time on the cold ocean; this Bluenose’s favourite thing is to drive a bunch of enthusiastic Zodiac passengers out to explore new places and look for wildlife. When she’s home on Vancouver Island, she does much the same thing in a kayak (while wearing a wetsuit, since kayaks are much less stable than Zodiacs).