Jacquie Matechuk - Photographer

Jacquie Matechuk


Jacquie Matechuk is a Canon Canada Ambassador, specializing in conservation photography. Inspired by the world that surrounds us, she shares her love of life and passion for photography.

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Jacquie Matechuk is a Canon Canada Ambassador from Cochrane, Alberta. Entering the world of Photography twenty-three years ago, Jacquie was swept into a world of speed and excitement as a Sports Photographer in the Canadian Superbike Series. Before long, her determination to grow and develop her skills catapulted her into new opportunities with companies like Yamaha, XGames and Monster Energy to name a few. While she continues working for organizations like the NHL and CFL today, Jacquie has also transitioned her photo-journalistic approach into the world of wildlife photography.

Since that transition, Jacquie has earned several international image competitions, leveraging her unique skill set to find those jaw dropping moments that give her subjects a voice. Today, Jacquie has further embraced the challenge to ‘see’ the beauty in this world by teaming up with organizations like the Canadian Conservation Photographers Collective, Polar Bears International, and the Jane Goodall Institute to name a few. Sharing her passion for wildlife and the environments they call home, Jacquie coaches’ creators from all over the globe as a Canon Canada Ambassador. She’s always looking for opportunities to help her fellow creatives improve and embrace their passion for life behind the lens and will forever be accepting the challenge of capturing a moment in time that might otherwise be lost forever.

Renowned for her photographic diversity, Jacquie's work is fueled by her commitment to conservation and ethical practices. While her passion for wildlife continues to grow, Jacquie’s goal remains the same: put the audience in the moment, set their minds free and leave their hearts full.