Heather Angnatok - Inuit Cultural Educator, Expedition Team

Heather Angnatok

Inuit Cultural Educator, Expedition Team

Heather is a historian in the making, a traditional artist, teacher, culturalist, and an active outdoorswoman who enjoys skidooing, camping, hunting, and fishing in northern Labrador.

Heather is an Inuk born and raised in Nain, Nunatsiavut with four grown children. She’s lived in Nain her whole life until just recently when she moved to Happy Valley Goose Bay, Labrador.

For over thirty years, Heather has worked with youth, women, and Elders in planning, facilitating, and delivering language and cultural activities, programs, workshops, symposiums, camps, and training.

Heather considers herself as an artist from working in traditional Labrador Inuit clothing since 1984. She grew up surrounded by strong female artists in her household; her grandmother used to clean, sew, and bead traditional garments. Following in the footsteps of her biggest inspiration, Heather's contemporary creations have seen the stages of local and national venues across Canada.

Other areas of interest include volunteering with the Nain Women's Shelter where Heather was an active Chair-person for over twenty years. Heather’s been a Canadian Ranger since 2008 and has been proactive in starting up the Junior Canadian Rangers in Nain.