Harper Ness - Stretch and Wellness Instructor

Harper Ness

Stretch and Wellness Instructor

Harper believes a quality life is built on wellness, connection, and joy. She strives to be a source of light and represent the power of intentional living.

Harper Ness is a yoga teacher and artist based in Kaua’i, Hawai’i. She was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, where her deep connection to the outdoors took root. When the weather is clear, you can be certain to find her reading on the beach, hiking barefoot, surfing, or building bonfires. She has spent the years of her young adulthood seeking out enrichment and enjoyment through travel and culture; among her favorite vibrant places visited are Northern Ireland, Bali, India, Morocco, Switzerland, and Greenland.

Harper is passionate about expression in many forms—an avid dancer, writer, and mural designer. As a yoga instructor, Harper pours her heart into sharing the powerful philosophy on which the practice was built upon. She has been teaching for just over five years and spends a copious amount of time studying and practicing independently, in order to be consistently expanding upon her ability to offer a multi-dimensional experience through her teaching.

She advocates for the potential of this practice to be inclusive, hoping to make everybody feel welcome and at home through by offering tailored classes that take individual needs into account. She believes that yoga should be accessible to every body and considers it the highest of honors to be a resource for anybody looking to transform themselves through this practice.

This is Harper’s second year on board as a staff member with Adventure Canada, and she is eager to describe the experience as one of the highlights of her life thus far, to anyone who asks.