Gunna Lára Pálmadóttir - Volcanologist

Gunna Lára Pálmadóttir


Gunna is a geologist and tour guide in Iceland and, like many Icelanders, a folk musician on the side.

Gunna grew up in mountain huts and tents during the summer, travelling with her geologist mother and accompanying her on research trips throughout the highlands of Iceland. Whenever there was a volcanic eruption, the family would also embark on an expedition. These close encounters with nature laid the foundation for Gunna's future as a geologist and naturalist.

Gunna has studied geology, environmental science, agriculture, plants, birds, and music, and is now working on a PhD project in volcanology, based on her mother's work. Her professional experience includes roles as a specialist for the Soil Conservation Service and the Environmental Agency of Iceland in national park management. She has also worked in the Earth Science Department at the University of Iceland as an assistant researcher and teacher.

Gunna currently works as a content creator, tour guide, and travel planner in Iceland and like most Icelanders, she also enjoys expressing her creativity as a folk musician on the side.