George Case - Naturalist, Musician

George Case

Naturalist, Musician

With a background in park interpretation planning and administration combined with a curiosity to travel the world, George loves to share his knowledge to enhance the experiences of others.

George grew up in St. John’s, Newfoundland but spent enough time “Around the Bay” to ensure a well-rounded cultural resume. After completing a science degree in Geography at Memorial University, George spent his early career working in various National Parks in Newfoundland and Alberta and later became an international rescue expert.

He has lived and worked in small town Newfoundland, the Rocky Mountains, the high arctic, the deserts of the middle east, and the jungles of Africa.

Now that life has slowed a little, he can be found out on a boat, cutting logs for his sawmill, hunting, making ship models at the local museum, travelling, renovating old houses, volunteering for the local fire department, and playing Celtic music at festivals or his front porch. Maybe life has not slowed down so much after all.