Gabrièle Deslongchamps - Marine Biologist and Oceanographer

Gabrièle Deslongchamps

Marine Biologist and Oceanographer

Gabrièle is a marine biologist at the Benthic Ecology Laboratory at Laval University in Quebec City. She enjoys being on a ship, relaxing under the sun, and chatting about sciences.

Gabrièle grew up on the shore of Lake Pohénégamook in Quebec, Canada. She has a master’s degree in biology with a specialization in oceanography and marine biology. In the past few years, she spent more than 500 days at sea studying the impacts of the changing marine environment in the Canadian Arctic and the St. Lawrence River.

Gabrièle has explored most of the Canadian Arctic by ship, snowmobile, and helicopter. More recently, she began studying the St. Lawrence River; this unique and complex ecosystem is now threatened by human activities and climate change.

She is currently working at Laval University as a research associate in the Benthic Ecology Laboratory. Her area of expertise is in the hidden marine life: micro algae and benthic invertebrates! At the base of the food web, these organisms have a great influence on all the ecosystems, which makes them vital in the study of the repercussions of climate change in the ocean.

In her spare time, Gabrièle enjoys cooking vegan meals on rainy days and being outside on sunny days (she cannot miss a single minute of sunshine)! She is also a runner, yoga lover, and adventurous traveller.