Elizabeth Robertson - Archaeologist

Elizabeth Robertson


Liz is a Calgary-based archaeologist who works in northern and western Canada; her current focus is the role of Indigenous knowledge in understanding past and current landscape use.

Liz is a Calgary-based professional archaeologist who works throughout northern and western Canada. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree and PhD from the University of Calgary, and she also has a Master of Art Conservation, specializing in archaeological and ethnographic objects, from Queen's University.

In addition to her current work in Canada, she's also enjoyed opportunities to do fieldwork in Greenland, Pakistan, Honduras, Guatemala, and Mozambique, and to do conservation and interpretive work at museums in Whitehorse, Yellowknife, New York City, and Washington, DC. Most recently her focus has been on documentation of traditional land and resource use as a means of ensuring that Indigenous knowledge is central to our understanding of past and current landscapes.

She unwinds by making wheel-thrown, hand-decorated pottery inspired by the natural and cultural experiences she encounters through her.