Dylan White - Naturalist

Dylan White


Dylan is an ecologist and explorer who has rowed and cycled halfway around the globe. He specializes in wildlife, plants, and the wilderness.

Dylan grew up in the city but fell in love with wild places and the creatures that inhabit them before he could walk. It was clear from his childhood nickname, the Happy Camper, that Dylan was meant for the outdoors. This lifelong passion for experiencing, conserving, and learning about nature has propelled Dylan into two parallel careers.

He is a professional ecologist with more than seven years of work on more than 150 diverse projects for government, non-profit, private, and academic clients. Experience from thousands of field hours and an environmental science degree has given Dylan a comprehensive set of skills and knowledge about ecological systems in Canada, and around the world.

He is also a wilderness and wildlife guide. This career started with canoe trips around Ontario as a teenager. Dylan loved these trips and nurtured his wilderness skills which led him to contracts as an Algonquin canoe guide, and, later, to British Columbia as a whitewater raft guide. Eventually, he went on to organize his own large-scale expeditions, which would take him nearly halfway around the globe by bike and by oar.

Since 2016, Dylan has combined his two career streams to serve as an international naturalist. He’s led very successful tours of Namibia and Western South Africa and will continue this work with upcoming expeditions. When he isn’t working, Dylan splits his time between Toronto and Guelph, Ontario with frequent forays into the bush. He is an experienced musician and performs regularly on electric bass and piano with a variety of groups around southern Ontario.