Dr. Rachel ten Bruggencate - Archaeologist

Dr. Rachel ten Bruggencate


As a northern archaeologist, Rachel is happiest when she’s up to her elbows in earth and artifacts somewhere above the 55th parallel.

Rachel grew up all over Canada as a child of a military family, and even spent time on a NATO base in West Germany. Wherever she lived, she could usually be found roaming any nearby wilderness looking for imagined lost treasures or ancient ruins. Rachel turned this childhood hobby into a career as an archaeologist, specializing in the cultures and history of the Canadian North.

Rachel studied at the University of Winnipeg before completing her doctorate at the University of Manitoba. Over the past fifteen years, Rachel has worked on archaeological projects in northern Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, and on Baffin Island, Nunavut. When she’s not digging square holes in the Canadian wilderness, she works as a technician and instructor for the Department of Anthropology at the University of Manitoba.

Rachel’s interest in other people isn’t limited to their past. She’s also interested in the modern language, culture, and cuisine of the North. She’s can tell you it’s nice outside in Cree, ask how you are in Inuktitut, and dreams about teriyaki moose and caribou tartare.