Dr. Jillian Gould - Researcher-in-Residence

Dr. Jillian Gould


Jillian is a folklore professor with a special interest in food, place, and identity. She loves coffee, cookbooks, and weekend baking!

Dr. Jillian Gould is an associate professor in the Department of Folklore at Memorial University. She grew up in Toronto but has called St. John's home since 2007. As a folklorist, she is interested in traditional expressive culture, including how and why we pass along family recipes, and how the food, stories, and objects we share with one another might reflect our sense of who we are.

Jillian loves to think about connections between food, place, and identity. Over the years she has written about Toronto blueberry buns; Brooklyn egg creams; fish and chips shops in St. John’s; as well as the “hole-in-the-middle”—a slice of bread with a hole in the middle, fried with an egg on top. It's her kitchen comfort food that connects her to home and family. What is your special comfort food?