Dorothee Hippel - Expedition Team

Dorothee Hippel

Expedition Team

Dorothee holds a master’s degree in history, Scandinavian studies, and literature. While she loves working as a guide, she enjoys mixing it up with side projects.

Dorothee, born in Germany, holds a master’s degree in history, Scandinavian studies, and literature from the University of Cologne. Since a young age, she has been passionate about the Polar regions, especially the northern hemisphere. Her studies eventually led her to move to Iceland.

While working an office job for a travel agency in Reykjavik, she quickly discovered that her side job—guiding tours through Iceland—gave her much more joy. She then took a one-year course in Iceland to become a fully certified nature and hiking guide and graduated in the spring of 2016. That same summer, she worked for the first time in the Arctic on board an expedition ship, and shortly after that, she decided to drop her office job to be able to follow her dream as a guide and lecturer on board and on land full-time.

Combining her love for travel, wildlife, and nature, her interest in other cultures and societies, as well as meeting people from around the world with whom she can share her knowledge and enthusiasm, she considers it a perfect fit for herself. Since then, she has been expanding her radius of work all the way down south to Antarctica.

When she is not travelling, she continues to do freelance work for a German publishing house. Still based in Iceland, in her free time, Dorothee enjoys spending time outdoors, specifically taking hikes through the amazing landscapes.