Deirdre O'Handley - Client Services Representative

Deirdre O'Handley

Client Services Representative

Deirdre enjoys living a life full of adventure and sharing her passion for adventurous travel with those she meets.

Deirdre was born and raised in Mississauga, Ontario. She grew up spending much of her time outdoors, adventuring along the Bruce Trail and Lake Huron at her family cottage near Tobermory, Ontario.

After graduating from the University of Toronto, she moved out to Alberta, where she spent her days exploring the Rocky Mountains. This is also where she got her first taste of expedition travel, working for a trekking company. Her most memorable adventures include a trek to Everest Base Camp and a visit to the Andes in Argentina.

Eventually, the longing to be with her family brought her back to Mississauga. It is here where she found Adventure Canada. Her love of connecting people to places and sharing meaningful travel experiences is what inspires her each day working with the Client Services Team.