Dawson Freeze - Assistant Expedition Leader, Kayak Guide

Dawson Freeze

Assistant Expedition Leader, Kayak Guide

Dawson is an avid adventurer from central British Columbia dedicated to a life outdoors exploring both seas and summits.

Dawson was born in Vancouver, and grew up in the beautiful area of Kamloops, B.C. During his childhood he spent a large amount of time in the outdoors and developed a passion for exploring and pushing his physical and mental limitations in that environment. Having first been introduced to the Arctic and expedition cruising in 2012 at the age of fifteen, he has been hooked ever since and has been actively trying to return year after year.

Clumbing The Mountain

When not on board the ship, Dawson attends Thompson Rivers University at home in Kamloops. He completed TRU’s Adventure Guide Diploma in the spring of 2018, a program designed to prepare and certify aspiring outdoor guides in a number of adventure activities. He has since transferred into a Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies, a self-directed program that’s allowing him to follow his passions and create a program that caters to his interests. Currently his concentrations are in Psychology and Physiology pertaining to adventure sports performance.

Dawson Skiing

Whenever time permits, Dawson can be found exploring outdoors and enjoying time in nature. An avid rock climber, mountaineer, and skier, he takes any opportunity to practice these disciplines and push his boundaries. Dawson aspires to turn his passions in the outdoor into a profession and is working towards becoming a certified rock and ski guide. A blossoming triathlete, Dawson is competing in a half-Ironman in Victoria in 2019 and is looking to complete his first full Ironman in 2020.

Because Dawson gets to travel to such amazing places through work and his personal life, he has gained a passion for photography. He loves being able to share the places he travels with friends, family, and strangers. During any downtime, Dawson can be found playing guitar or card games, reading stories of grand adventure, and preparing for the next journey.