Dave Freeze - Co-Founder

Dave Freeze


Dave has made both a living and lifestyle out of the great outdoors. He has guided, trained guides, and owned outdoor businesses for over forty years.

Two things fascinated Dave Freeze at a young age: people and the wilderness. He grew up on the edge of a vast forest and found his proper place in life as an athlete and wilderness guide. Work has found Dave more than he has found it, and that included the Swan brothers seeking him out in the mid-1980s as Adventure Canada started to become more than a dream. As an original shareholder, Dave did not manage to make the first decade mark—as office work was not part of his magic formula. Since selling his shares, Dave’s path has included almost twenty years of guide training for Thompson Rivers University, a successful executive coaching and counseling business, and the great joy in raising a family. He has been back helping out at Adventure Canada for almost a decade now, leading, training, and supporting the business in any way possible. Adventure Canada has gone well beyond the original shareholders’ wildest dreams, and Dave and his three kids are all happy to be a part of the success, fun, and adventure.