Darryl Petrie - Expedition Team

Darryl Petrie

Expedition Team

Darryl has been aboard the Ocean Endeavour several times but joined the expedition team for the first time in 2022. Darryl is a master electrician, lives in Niagara, and spends as much time as he can sailing on Lake Ontario.

Darryl grew up in the small village of Weston, Toronto, in a TV and audio family business. Growing up, he spent as much time as possible outdoors, exploring, playing sports, cycling, and eventually boating at the family cottage. Swimming and being one with water have always felt natural to Darryl.

In his late teens, he had his first opportunity (through his connection with the Swan family) to whitewater raft the Ottawa River. Darryl was hooked, and went on to complete many more trips after, including his first experience in a kayak. 

As a self-employed master electrician in Niagara, Ontario, he has spent most of his life installing and maintaining pretty much everything that has wires. He is also a member of the Canadian Fire Alarm Association.

When not working in the electrical and fire safety field, his main interests are his family, travel, and sailing Lake Ontario. He is an avid reader, interested in history and music, and is a lover of most things Canadiana. Travel has become a passion for Darryl and he is always excited for the next journey.