Ashley Kilabuk-Savard - Expedition Team

Ashley Kilabuk-Savard

Expedition Team

Ashley is an Inuk artist from Iqaluit, Nunavut. She writes poetry, short stories and film scripts, leads acting and storytelling workshops and creates sealskin jewelry and accessories.

Having attended the Acting Essentials program at Vancouver Film School, Ashley has used her skills to lead acting and story telling workshops. She has held these workshops in her hometown of Iqaluit with the Qaggiavuut Performing Arts Society and with the Labrador Creative Arts Festival in Goose Bay, Northwest River, and Sheshatshiu Innu Reserve.

Ashley is also a storyteller and spoken word performer, having performed at the St. John’s storytelling festival October 2018. Ashley has published two short stories relating to her Inuit culture, My Very First Ulu with Nipiit Magazine and Miki and the Aqsarniit with Chirp Magazine.

Ashley creates sealskin jewellery and accessories for women and men, advocating for and educates helping educate her customers on the importance of sealskin and Inuit sustainable seal hunting. She also makes beaded necklaces and has hosted necklace beading workshops in Iqaluit, NU, Windsor, ON and on board the Ocean Endeavour!

Ashley is currently working with the International Sami Film Institute to create a short horror film on climate change & colonialism to be a part of an all Indigenous female lead anthology series called Arctic Chills.