April Hennigar - Researcher-in-Residence

April Hennigar


April was introduced to Sable Island at the age of eight and is still enchanted fifty years later as Chair of the Board from the Friends of Sable Island Society.

April was captured by the spirit of Sable Island on her first visit when she was eight years old. That adventure inspired a life-long respect for the strengths and fragility of nature, as well as an unending love for horses.

As a child, April spent several summers and one truly remarkable Christmas on Sable Island. She was so smitten that she besieged her school classmates with stories of her experience, and teachers expected the topic of any creative writing exercise to be about Sable Island and its wild horses. Not surprisingly, April became a young environmentalist with a desire to save our natural environment.

April now lives off-grid in a strawbale home with her two horses. She has been actively caring for Sable Island and its future as a volunteer board member with the Friends of Sable Island Society since 1998. She currently serves as the Chair of the Board for its charity based in Nova Scotia, Canada.