Antoine Pigeon-Bourque - Musician & Québécois Cultural Educator

Antoine Pigeon-Bourque

Musician & Québécois Cultural Educator

Antoine is a classically trained Québécois musician specializing in piano-accordion and French-Canadian traditional music.

Antoine was born and raised in the town of Verchères, Québec along the shores of the Saint Lawrence River. Like the seven generations who came before him, he works as a guide in the tourism industry.

Antoine has a strong academic background in music; he graduated in music at Collège de Saint-Laurent and at the faculty of music at the Université de Montréal. Besides his studies of classical music, he comes from a strong family background of traditional Québécois music. His main instrument is piano-accordion, but he also plays the piano, tuba, French-Canadian traditional percussion (which includes spoons, bones, and foot tapping), musical saw, and he sings.

Antoine now plays in different bands, including as a musical duo with his father, with whom he plays in folk festivals across North America and Europe. He also works providing entertainment and music therapy to the elderly and people with disabilities.