Antje Springmann - Eco-therapist

Antje Springmann


Antje is a counsellor/psychotherapist whose practice is rooted in fostering the human-nature bond that lies at the core of our emotional, spiritual, and psychological wellbeing.

From an early age, Antje (pronounced ‘Antya’), a German Newfoundlander, has felt most at home outdoors and in the company of animals. Most of her youth was spent on horseback exploring the countryside with her trusted Newfoundland pony, Bess.

Together with her husband, Dennis Minty, she founded The Human Nature Company, aiming to connect people to the natural world through photography.

As a therapist, she works extensively with trauma, most recently counselling women affected by gender-based violence at a women’s shelter and the St. John’s Women’s Centre. She has helped facilitate equine-assisted therapeutic workshops and helped traumatized animals through body-based therapies.

Her work emphasizes and supports the human-nature bond as an essential component in our emotional, spiritual, and psychological wellbeing. Her and Dennis’ small acreage is an integral part of her practice.

As a spinner, knitter, dyer, and recently a shepherdess, she readily admits to being somewhat obsessed with sheep. She is assisted in her counselling practice and farm chores by her trusty English Shepherd, Abby. Both are easily distracted by horses, cows, and sheep.