Amber Stuckey - Expedition Medic

Amber Stuckey

Expedition Medic

Amber Stuckey is an Advanced Care Paramedic, a yogi, and a master gardener. She will pick you up when you fall, help limber you up after, and give you unsolicited gardening advice.

Amber grew up on a hobby farm in Quesnel, British Columbia. Riding horses, milking cows, gardening, collecting eggs, and frolicking in the forest were her daily activities. This simple yet active lifestyle led her to become an avid outdoors enthusiast and traveller who has hiked, biked, climbed, paddled, and adventured all over the world. She is a passionate mountain biker, kayaker, skier, gardener, and yogi. She is a “Jill of all trades” and loves learning new things. She is willing to try anything and believes there is no such thing as failure, there is just more to learn. Most recently, she took an Organic Master Gardener course and is pouring all that knowledge into her large vegetable garden.

She has had a long career as an Advanced Care Paramedic and has worked in urban emergency medical services as well as clinic work in rural northern communities and the Arctic. She has done multiple courses on wilderness medicine and has volunteered with heavy urban search and rescue for years as well as search and rescue when she was younger.

Amber currently resides in the beautiful mountain town of Revelstoke, British Columbia. She sold her Bed and Breakfast in 2019 and decided it was a good time to see where the wind would take her. She considers herself, “semi-retired”, though continues to work multiple different “jobs”.