Aaron Spitzer - Historian

Aaron Spitzer


Aaron is a professor of Arctic politics, a polar-history buff, a longtime northern journalist, and a kayak fanatic.

For twenty-five years Aaron has obsessively explored, studied, documented—and babbled about—the world’s polar places. He is an associate professor of Arctic and Indigenous governance at the University of Bergen, Norway.

Before joining academia, he was an Arctic journalist, having edited Canada’s northernmost paper, Nunatsiaq News; the world’s southernmost paper, Antarctic Sun; the leading paper in “Bush” Alaska, Tundra Drums; and the magazine of Canada’s north, Up Here, which in 2010 was named the country’s best magazine.

Aaron Spitzer Northwest Passage

Aaron has been sailing with Adventure Canada since 2011, along with his wife, marine biologist Deanna Leonard-Spitzer, and their son, expedition intern Mark “The Shark.”