Travelers Learn About Safety Aboard

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Safety First

As a leader in expedition cruising, Adventure Canada has a deep commitment to safety. Our staff are rigorously trained and certified for their roles, and our ships’ crews have lifetimes of experience. We plan our routes in consultation with captain, crew, Expedition Leaders, and local guides for safe adventuring everywhere.

Your Adventure Canada trip will begin with an orientation. If you’re travelling with us by ship, you’ll learn about safety aboard, and be familiarized with the features of the vessel. There will be a muster, and lifeboat drill shortly after you board.

Boarding Zodiac

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Boarding a Zodiac is easy and safe with the help of our experienced drivers and crew.

You’ll also be guided through boarding Zodiacs with the help of your driver—a trained and certified seafarer—and ship’s crew. You’ll learn the “sailors’ grip” and how to move and place yourself safely in the boat. You’ll also receive on-the-spot briefings from you Zodiac driver during your first few excursions, and you'll never be without a helping hand.

Bear Guard

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Safety of people—and bears—is priority one for our trained and certified bear monitors.

Whenever out on the land, you will be accompanied by experienced staff who are first-aid trained and certified. An Emergency Medical Technician will be at all landings, and works closely with the ship’s doctor in case of emergency. In bear country, all passengers will be briefed on appropriate behaviours—and trained, licensed bear monitors with years of experience in bear country will ensure the safety of both people and bears.