Researcher-in-Residence Program Application

Your Name

Do you require any mobility assistance when ascending/descending a flight of stairs or to climb in/out of a Zodiac?

Please indicate the region(s) that your project applies to:
C.1. Does your project involve human participants?
C.2. Does the proposal involve the trip's guests?
C.4. Are you using partial disclosure or deception (i.e. the participant may not know that they are part of a project until it is over or is not informed of the true purpose of the research in advance)?
Does your project involve specimen?
Does your project involve collection of specimen?
E.1. Adventure Canada would also like to be able to promote the type of science and the specific projects that are taking place onboard the vessel though its website, social media, and any other outlets it deems appropriate.
E.2. Adventure Canada would like to be notified on studies or reports published so that we can share the results with our passengers and constituents, to help promote the knowledge base we are helping to build.

Adventure Canada does not expect a right of first refusal, a preview approval of any publications, ownership nor to set direction of the research.

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