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Students on Ice

The Students on Ice Foundation is an award-winning organization offering transformative educational expeditions for youth in the Arctic.

Adventure Canada shares Students on Ice's pioneering vision of the polar regions as the world’s greatest classrooms. Experience in the polar world creates a tremendous platform for education across cultures and disciplines, including science, history, arts, natural history, sustainable development, and conservation. Over the past sixteen years, more than 2,500 students from fifty-two countries have participated in SOI expeditions.

On every SOI journey, scientists, elders, experts, artists, historians, innovators, musicians, and visionary leaders travel together with the students to foster a spirit of discovery, understanding, collaboration, respect, awe, wonder, and a deep connection to nature. Since 2011, Adventure Canada has worked with SOI to support Inuit students through the scholarship program, and by providing vessels for Arctic expeditions. Adventure Canada and Students on Ice are thrilled to grow their partnership aboard the Ocean Endeavour.

Adventure Canada clients contribute to the success of the Students on Ice program through our Discovery Fund. Adventure Canada is pleased to welcome SOI alumni aboard as part of our onboard resource staff.