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Bruce Trail Conservancy

The Bruce Trail Conservancy is one of Ontario’s largest land trusts. To date the Bruce Trail Conservancy has been responsible for the preservation of over 11,500 acres of Escarpment land.

Committed donors have made the work of the Conservancy possible. Right now, precious Escarpment land and critical wildlife habitat is waiting to be acquired. Thousands of donors have allowed the Bruce Trail Conservancy to act quickly to ensure this irreplaceable land is preserved for the public in perpetuity. But with only 63% of the Trail secured, we have more work to do.

Adventure Canada supports the Bruce Trail Conservancy’s mission to preserving a ribbon of wilderness, for everyone, forever. As a charity sustained by members, donors and over 1,500 active volunteers, we believe that together we can make preservation of the Niagara Escarpment a reality for this generation and a gift for all those that follow.

Adventure Canada is proud to protect the resources in our own backyard.