Inuit Artist Print Making

© Lee Narraway

Our Commitment to the Arts

We have always believed that a fulsome appreciation of the places we visit must include the arts. Science is important to our knowledge of the world—but music, writing, painting, sculpture, poetry, dance, photography, and film deepen our feeling for the places, the people, and the journeys that so inspire us.

Adventure Canada is unique in our focus on creative connections. We feature authors, artists, and musicians on every trip. We facilitate opportunities for travellers to express their own creativity. And we support, present, and engage with the arts year round.

Susan Aglukark

© Adventure Canada

Juno Award-winning songstress Susan Aglukark shares music with passengers and locals.

Adventure Canada welcomes celebrated authors on every trip, including numerous bestsellers: Margaret Atwood, Michael Crummey, Lisa Moore and many more. We also travel in the company of award-winning musicians and songwriters, including Alan Doyle, Susan Aglukark, Ian Tamblyn, and The Once. Painters—such as the Drawn Onward group, Alan Stein and J.C. Roy—have shared their gifts aboard.

J C Roy

© Dennis Minty

Born in France, artist J.C. Roy is captivated by the unique beauty of Newfoundland.

We are fortunate to work with the very best photographers, Nikon Ambassadors Kristian Bogner, Michelle Valberg, and Craig Minielly bring their vision to our trips. Scott Forsyth, Mike Beedell, Dennis Minty, and André Gallant are all widely acclaimed for their ability to capture and express the experiences we share.

Traveller Painting

© Kristian Bogner

A happy passenger with her handiwork in an art workshop aboard the Ocean Endeavour.