Mandatory Wet Gear

Waterproof pants are required for all Adventure Canada expeditions.

Our expeditions take place out on the land, where staying warm and dry is of paramount importance. You will be required to dress appropriately for the weather conditions.

On Ocean Endeavour trips, Adventure Canada will provide you with a 100%-waterproof insulated expedition jacket. You must provide your own GoreTex (or similar) waterproof pants. This gear, worn over your insulating layers, will ensure that you stay safe and comfortable while on the expedition.

Waterproof Insulated Expedition Jacket

100%-waterproof insulated expedition jacket provided by Adventure Canada at no additional cost

Your Zodiac driver is responsible for your safety as well as that of the others in the boat, and has the authority to refuse disembarkation should you be dressed inappropriately for the weather conditions—as this can put you and your fellow travellers at risk. Wet gear is absolutely essential for any Zodiac transfer, and for most shore excursions.

Adventure Canada will provide you with a packing list prior to your expedition.