Expedition Team Biography Form


Please write a short sentence that captures who you are, your area of specialization, expertise and interest, to a MAX 25 word count. This is a summary, as if you were introducing yourself for the first time to someone that you hope to leave a good impression with (like our passengers!). This may seem like very little, but an impact statement will be shown under your photo on our site. 

Please see the example below: 

Mark David Turner is devoted to his home province of Newfoundland & Labrador. He is an archivist, scholar, musician, and cultural enabler.

Headshot Photo

Please upload the high-resolution image of yourself from the chest up! Preferably a recent headshot that clearly shows your face making you identifiable for guests and fellow team members. If the size of the image is less than 1MB, this image is not good enough quality. Please note, photos taken by iPhone or any other smart phone are acceptable too if the file size is at least 1MB.

Bio Upload

The biography has no limitation on the total length but has a preferred text limit of 75 words per paragraph, for ease of reading. It is noted that the more concise the read, an increased audience will be captured with higher click rates and length of time spent on the page. The detailed biography does not have to be in paragraph form, this can also be in bullet point or subheadings.  

Images will be placed in the body of your biography, but if you have preferred images you wish to submit for review the team is always open to ideas. The image can have captions to a limit of 20 words per image. We are also able to include video where requested.  


*Please note, if your biography is longer that 175 words, we will modify and edit it to fit on our Biography Cards that we print for placement on the ship.  

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