Assistant Program Director

The Assistant Program Director is a part of the onboard office team (PD, Host, Onboard Office Rep, and resource staff), managed by the Program Director (PD). The PD is responsible for the onboard program; however, it is critical the APD work in collaboration with the EL who is responsible for the overall expedition. This role is primarily focused on ensuring the administrative needs of the department are completed and run smoothly throughout this voyage. Clear communication, task execution, follow up and collaboration with various departments are key components to the role’s success.

The Assistant Program Director works with the Program Director to ensure all passenger needs are met and will troubleshoot and solve all passenger concerns. They essentially complete any onboard task required by the Program Director to provide superior customer service and administrative assistance. This role is primarily behind the scenes; however, like all team members, providing an intimate customer service experience is of utmost importance to the operation. Participation in hosted tables, recaps, and other events while onboard is required. The success of the operation depends on flexible, team-oriented spirit, which will include participating with onshore duties such as Zodiac driving when available and if certified.

Required Duties

  • Ensures all required administrative duties are completed and provided to the Program Director throughout the voyage
  • Provides PD coverage as required throughout the voyage
  • Works with all staff members and onboard department heads (such as the Purser, Reception and Hotel Director) to ensure planning and onboard logistics run smoothly
  • Communicates information and provides quality customer service to all passengers and assists with guest sign-up sheets and programs for both onboard and shore excursions
  • Assists with passenger disembarkation and embarkation
  • Reports directly to the PD, keeping them well informed and taking direction as required on daily events onboard, staff interactions, etc.
  • Utilizes and shares required information from the Mighty Binder to ensure staff are informed of all necessary passenger info (birthday’s, email list, passenger colour group, jacket distribution etc.) This will be done in close conjunction with the Client Services Representative who is onboard.
  • Provide or delegate required training for all onboard staff
  • Ensure the completion and submission of the Expedition Report
  • Oversee completion and accuracy of office recap/blurb and social media requirements are submitted and in compliance with company mandates
  • Oversee and provide necessary auction coordination, ensuring accurate information is collected for the office
  • Ensure preparation and inventory of community maps and museum tickets
  • Manage, delegate, and ensure completion of all onboard tasks as assigned
  • Ensure the onboard duties are regularly inspected for completion with a minimum of twice daily walk around; this will include reporting any cleanliness issues to the HD in a timely fashion
  • Manage, delegate, and ensure Daily Newspaper printing and posting
  • Ensure and provide necessary support of USB Bear final creation
  • Ensure organization of the spirit (costume) room
  • Ensure all storage areas are clean and organized
  • Coordinate and provide necessarily follow up for clothing donation programs
  • Provide front of house support at the Reception desk after all expedition briefings
  • Provide A/V assistance for presentation rooms; ensure all Expedition Team making presentations have been adequately supported for A/V
  • Expedition duties as required, if certified


  • 2-4 years at sea minimum
  • Fluent in English (additional language skills are a bonus!)
  • Basic Safety - STCW certified preferred
  • Standard (2 day) First Aid *Advanced Wilderness First Aid is preferred
  • Managerial experience
  • Communication & public speaking experience
  • Works well independently
  • Critical decision maker
  • Creative using minimal resources (out of the box thinker!)
  • Previous positions could potentially include: Cruise Director, Onboard Programming Manager, Events Manager, Expedition Program Coordinator
  • Excel at using Microsoft Office (Excel, Outlook, Word, PowerPoint)
  • MacBook experience

To apply, please complete the application form, and send your C/V and cover letter. We appreciate all applications, and if you qualify, you will be contacted.