Adventure Canada Researcher-in-Residence Program

Adventure Canada hopes to engage, inspire, and educate by connecting people to the land and to each other through field science and innovative travel experiences.

Adventure Canada is keenly interested in expanding world knowledge of the areas to which we travel. We believe that spreading knowledge and understanding of the areas to which we travel will enable better protection of these areas and inspire the public to take an actionable interest in them.

Program Description

Adventure Canada will be providing one berth aboard each of our voyages, for the purpose of scientific study. Pre- and post-trip hotels—along with mandatory emergency medical evacuation insurance (coverage for a minimum of $75,000 USD)—will be the responsibility of the applicants.

We offer the scientist-in-residence an opportunity to observe the environments and communities visited by the ship, and interact with individuals aboard. Adventure Canada is interested in all types of science—from social science experiments, to ethnobiology, climatology, geological, oceanography, and beyond. Proposals must consider our intended itinerary and the awareness that we are only in a specific location for a few hours before sailing to our next destination. Flexibility and understanding that we are on an expedition where weather and wildlife ultimately decide our daily itinerary should be taken into consideration. Research off the vessel should be simple to conduct, safe to execute, and easy to implement on short notice as opportunity presents itself.

As you proceed through this form, there will be some questions that will not apply to your project. Please be aware that there is a wide range of project proposals which use this form to apply. If something does not apply—please feel free to write N/A, or explain in a text box.

Please send all inquiries and proposals to [email protected], to the attention of Brittany Manley. Please include in the subject line “Researcher-in-Residence 2019: [your last name, your first name]. The deadline for applications is April 5, 2019.

If You Are Selected

General Expectations

You will receive detailed information about the trip from Adventure Canada, and should therefore have a working knowledge of the itinerary by time of departure.

Pre-Trip Deliverables

  • You must provde a biography and photo prior to the voyage by an agreed-upon date.
  • If you plan to conduct field research, you may require a license, permit, or other authorization(s) from the country.
  • You will be required to sign a release and hold Adventure Canada harmless.
  • You must read and sign the Code of Conduct before coming on board.
  • You may be required to submit supporting documents such as: published scale/survey, researcher-generated survey, focus group probing questions, interview questions, consent form and letter of information, Timeline of activity for each day of the trip, correspondence with community and local stakeholders, final scope and timeline of project delivery

Onboard Deliverables

  • You will deliver your proposed work to guests and staff in a short presentation while aboard the ship. Additional presentations may be possible depending on the subject matter.
  • You will be available for interview by Adventure Canada staff and the media, as needed.

Post-Trip Deliverables

  • You will provide a PowerPoint with three slides of your findings and a review of your onboard experience, including pictures.
  • You will provide a written summary of your project by an agreed-upon date with you Adventure Canada liaison.
  • You will share results with communities visited and communities contacted for permits.
  • You will advise Adventure Canada of your schedule of speaking engagements and published works related to research conducted while on board
  • You will credit Adventure Canada on any published material (including print, online, or otherwise) resulting from this experience, using current logos and company style where applicable.