Adventure Canada – Explorers Club Young Explorers Program

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Young Explorers Program Application

Thank you for your interest in the Adventure Canada – Explorers Club Young Explorers Program. To register for the program please download, fill, and submit an application form to [email protected] You must be between the ages of 18 and 30 to apply. The deadline for submissions is January 20, 2019.

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The Explorers Club and Adventure Canada hope to engage, inspire, and educate by connecting people to the land and to each other through field science and innovative travel experiences.

The purpose of the Young Explorers Program is to encourage and facilitate the spirit of exploration through the pursuit of science, art, and conservation. The program aims to encourage personal growth for young people who will benefit from direct experience, academic study, cultural exchange and connecting with the Explorers Club and Adventure Canada communities. The Young Explorers Program Alumni will lead the next generation to thoughtful policy, action, and communication.

This program is open to those directly affiliated with or recommended byThe Explorers Club.


In 2016, twelve young people from Europe, Canada, the United States took part in the first Young Explorers Program. In 2017, eleven youth joined Adventure Canada’s expeditions; while aboard, these “young explorers” undertook inaugural pilot projects that investigated and illuminated the various aspects integral to expedition travel. To date, thirty-one participants have taken part in the program.

The Young Explorers’ projects ranged from filmmaking, community emergency response, to climate change, experiential guest surveys, and art. The Young Explorers made ample use of the extraordinary Adventure Canada resource staff onboard, as well as passengers and community members. Post-program work has included public presentations, the compilation of a collected works, continuing studies and networking.

Involvement in the Young Explorers Program is a springboard to further work in Arctic and marine environments, whether through educational pursuits or in their professional careers. Building off the inaugural Young Explorers platform, the 2019 program will be available on the following expeditions:

Ireland Circumnavigation: June 9–20, 2019

In the Wake of the Vikings — a Voyage from Iceland to Greenland: July 14–25, 2019

These two expeditions are characterized by fascinating geography, wildlife, and culture, as well as biological and conservation issues. A twelve-day voyage shows Ireland in its best light. This island nation has always embraced the ocean. From cosmopolitan Dublin to coastal Ulster, there’s so much to see by sea. Meanwhile, at the edge of the Arctic Circle, Iceland is dominated by geology—and defined by the sea. Aboard Ocean Endeavour, we’ll witness the Earth in action: active volcanoes, emerging islands, lava fields, geysers, and glaciers. Greenland’s east coast is just a short voyage from Reykjavík. Breathtaking fjords define this seldom-seen, and fascinating human history awaits.

If you are between the ages of 19 and 30, and interested in applying for this exciting opportunity, please email your application to [email protected] Applications are due by January 20, 2019. The first round of applicants will be chosen for an interview with the selection committee. Final applicants will be notified by March 8, 2019, and will be announced at the 115th Explorers Club Annual Dinner in New York City.

The application below is to help define the scope of your project while on board. We welcome projects that vary from a scientific focus to social science & the arts. The parameters of the project are flexible, and can include a one-time small-scale project or an exploratory stepping stone for a larger project. Both independent-interest projects and academic research proposals are accepted. Proposals must consider our intended itinerary and the awareness that we only stop in a specific location for a few hours before sailing to our next destination. Flexibility and understanding that we are on an expedition where weather and wildlife ultimately dictate our daily itinerary should be taken into consideration when developing your proposal.


  • Cabin Category 3 – shared accommodation
  • Charter flights (if any)

Not included

If selected for the expedition:

General Expectations

  • You will be an ambassador for both Adventure Canada and The Explorers Club, and will conduct yourself accordingly.
  • You will receive detailed information about the trip from Adventure Canada, and should have a working knowledge of the itinerary
  • You must be available for a pre-voyage, onboard, and post-voyage interview, as well as any press appearances as necessary
  • You must be available to attend (in person or via Skype) a pre- and post-voyage Adventure Canada Young Explorers Program gathering

Pre-Trip Deliverables

  • You must provide a biography and photo prior to the voyage by an agreed-upon date
  • If you plan to conduct field research, you may require a license, permit, or other authorization(s) from the country.
  • You will be required to sign a release and hold harmless naming The Explorers Club and Adventure Canada
  • You must read and sign the Code of Conduct before coming on board

Onboard Deliverables

  • You must deliver your proposed work to guests and staff in a formal presentation. This will be a joint presentation with all Young Explorers. Additional presentations may be possible depending on the subject matter
  • You must provide a PowerPoint with three slides of your findings and a review of your experience
  • You must be available for interview by Adventure Canada staff, Explorer’s Club staff, and the media
  • You may be required to submit supporting documents such as:
    • Published scale/survey
    • Researcher-generated survey
    • Focus group probing questions
    • Interview questions
    • Consent form and letter of information
    • Timeline of activity for each day of the trip
    • Correspondence with community and local stakeholders
    • Finalize the scope and timeline of delivery of your project

Post-Trip Deliverables

  • You must turn in your final project in the form (film, publication, book, study etc) and timeline mutually agreed upon and signed off on by you, your staff mentor, and the ACYE liaison
  • You must provide a written summary of your project no later than one month after your voyage. Findings will be published by both Adventure Canada and The Explorer’s Club
  • You must communicate your schedule of speaking engagements and published works to Adventure Canada and The Explorers Club in advance
  • You must credit Adventure Canada and The Explorers Club on any published material (including online, print, or otherwise) resulting from this experience

Note: all of these deliverables and expectations must be met to beconsidered an alumni of the program and enjoy all accompanying privileges.