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What kind of work is available?


Adventure Canada will post all openings below when positions are available.  And we always welcome your resume, which we will keep on file in the event that we have an opening. Please be advised that we will only be contacting applicants if we find a fit for an open position. Please email your details here and we will keep your info on file.




Resource Staff


We often look for new Resource Staff to join our expeditions, but the competition can be rather fierce. We give preference to potential staff living and working in the regions we visit, and those who are experts in their field, but also posses other valuable skills, such as Zodiac driving and Firearm Handling certifications.


Ship Crew


Adventure Canada is a charterer of the Ocean Endeavour and other vessels. We therefore are not responsible for and do not hire deck and engine crew, hotel or bridge staff. Please contact the ship operators of the vessels directly for further information on onboard employment.



Sales Specialist


Bilingual Client Services Representative